Government agencies and military branches in the UK and abroad rely on MTI as their friction welding technology source for items such as aluminium based military vehicle systems.

Military & Defence


How MTI is making a difference in military manufacturing

MTI's machines and manufacturing services have been used in military defence, aircraft, aerospace, and ground transportation components. Our continued research into the stored energy approach to friction welding led to the first military standards written around the inertia welding process (MILSTD- 1252). The advantages of this process such as no smoke, fumes, or gases, few sparks produced, and the fact that the process is machine-controlled, make it suitable for use in potentially explosive or hazardous environments. MTI’s friction welding machines can be fully automated so operators can be safely located out of harm’s way and still count on consistent, very repeatable, high quality welds and weld properties.



Why friction welding is vital for military applications

Production efficiency and cost savings are important to each branch of the military, and that’s exactly what they receive with the customised capabilities of MTI’s friction welding machines. That’s because our machines produce everything from bimetallic titanium rivets for aircraft to jet engines, smoke rounds to penetration bombs, and Apache helicopter drive shafts to nuclear bomb cases.

Whether it’s for equipment, munitions, or specialty vehicles, friction welding plays a key role in manufacturing parts that are vital to our own country’s defense, while also helping to protect freedom-loving countries around the world.



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