For four decades, MTI has been a global leader in friction welding technology. With the ability to create super-strong bonds of virtually any size, friction welding is ideal for serving the complexities of the aerospace industry.



How MTI is making a difference in aerospace manufacturing

As leading global joining solutions providers, MTI regularly work with aerospace industry organisations from around the world to develop new parts and solutions that are stronger, lighter, resistant to higher temperatures, and more reliable. Through intrinsically understanding the complexities of the sector, MTI are able to anticipate and react to inevitable change within the industry to deliver innovative solutions that adapt over time. 

MTI are proud to have built the world’s largest capacity and most innovative, automated, and ergonomically capable linear friction welding machine. This machine friction-welds critical aircraft engine components to support Pratt & Whitney’s most advanced military programs and next-generation product family. Components are welded together utilising linear friction welding to produce “near net shape” assemblies requiring minimal additional machining, saving costly time and material costs.

We are continually improving efficiency and strength with versatile and unique materials. When we make a new weld, we push the boundaries of where and how our machines can operate.



Why friction welding is vital for aerospace applications

The demand for larger and more fuel efficient aircraft means that aero-engines are growing in thrust, temperature, and size. Withstanding the higher temperatures requires critical aircraft and aerospace components made with such materials as superalloy, bimetallic, stainless steel, and aluminum. While these materials can be difficult and many times impossible to weld with conventional methods, they can be joined with the friction welding process. MTI designed rotary and linear friction welders of all sizes are in use throughout the aerospace industry, including the largest capacity friction welder ever made.


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