Resistance welding is a thermo-electric process where heat is generated at the interface of the parts to be joined by passing an electrical current through them and under a controlled pressure (also called force).

Resistance Welding

The MTI group which is comprised of resistance welding brand ProSpot and well known machine manufacturer British Federal, boasts the largest choice of resistance welding machinery on the market with access to all the latest inverter technology. With more than 75 years industry experience, MTI acts as a one-stop-shop for all welding needs and provides a range of products ranging from simple, single spot welders to comprehensive automated parts welding and production systems. 

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Advantages & Benefits

No need for fill materials and solvents.

No flux, fillers or external heat sources are required in the process due to the weld being created by the resistance to the flow of current passing through the materials and application of external force/pressure.

Suitable for high-rate production

Ideal for large production volumes. Along with high welding rates, heating time is short with small welding deformation. In addition, a solid phase, forge weld is made, and any molten metal and contaminants formed at the interface during heating are squeezed out into the upset. Thus, solidification, cracking and porosity are not normally an issue.

Low fumes

Resistance welding results in a better working environment with less pollution when compared to other more traditional methods. To ensure your machines are running at optimum levels 100% of the time, MTI also offer in-house and on-site refurbishment.

Easy automation

Resistance welding lends itself perfectly to automation due to limited worker involvement. The process is normally automatic or semi-automatic and process monitoring can provide an indication of weld quality.

Joins almost any material

MTI are providers of industry leading automated Brakeshoe, Drum and Resistance welding machines and designers and constructors of special purpose multi-welders allowing a wide range of materials to be joined including steels, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, nickel alloys and titanium.

Metallurgical process is simple

MTI offers a full-range of testing and evaluations to confirm physical properties of the part and/or weld zone and our on-site Metallurgist has over 30 years of experience devoted to the welding of metallic materials, in both similar and dissimilar metal combinations.


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