Rotary friction welding is a solid-state process in which one part is rotated at high speed and is pressed against another part that is held stationary. The resulting friction heats the parts, causing them to forge together.

Direct Drive Friction Welding

Direct drive friction welding dates back for over 100 years, but with MTI’s design and development this process is ready for 21st century needs. Through offering both direct drive and inertia friction welders, MTI have become world leaders in the technology, excelling in the design and build of bespoke direct drive friction welding machines for many sectors such as aerospace and automotive.

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Advantages & Benefits

Lower machine and design costs

The application of constant energy (in terms of RPMs) over an extended time frame by an electric motor prevents the instantaneous peaks of torque that are linked with the inertia method when a flywheel comes to a sudden stop. Due to the lower torque levels involved the machine’s frame structure requires less complexity thus lowering the costs to achieve extremely high quality welds.

Controlled length and MTI’s advanced control

With the use of standard control techniques direct drive has the ability to produce consistent lengths or control of the upset to 0.03mm. MTI has developed this even further to allow greater precision with advanced length control technology.

Increased time, improved strength

Because energy is constantly and evenly supplied (using the spindle drive motor) over a period of time, the joint strength of some metals and alloys (especially higher carbon content materials) are maintained through the welding process, creating stronger welds and high joint efficiencies. With the ability to weld complex components that require radial alignment after joining, direct drive can also provide 1° angular orientation on weld completion.

Time and money saving set-up

Compared to the complexity of change-outs on inertia friction welders, the part set-up for direct drive friction welders is faster and requires less effort, due to the utilisation of an electric motor to supply the energy for the welding process and not a flywheel.

Any shape, no loss of weld strength

Direct drive friction welders are capable of producing very strong, consistent welds for a multitude of weld interfaces making it ideal for creating large diameter bars like hydraulic cylinder rods, along with tube-to-tube and bar-to-bar.
Direct drive friction welders also allow for the use of reduced force when forging the same size cross-section than an inertia friction welder, allowing for a reduced size machine.

Narrow heat-affected zone retains parent material properties

Parent materials maintain their natural material properties during the weld process and creation of new components, creating stronger welds and an improved joint efficiency. This is allowed by the welding process only using a narrow band of heat reducing the amount of material affected to create the joint.

MTI's Advanced Technology

With more than 30 years experience, 600+ machines worldwide, hundreds of patents and continuous research and development and value added features to maximise the direct drive friction welding process, MTI continues to set the standard.

Our value-added features for direct drive friction welding machines includes:



●Advanced Radial Orientation Capability through our Proprietary Control System

●Custom Applications

●Custom Design Machine Diagnostics and Maintenance Schedule for Full Preventive Maintenance

●Enhanced Upset Control through Torque Modulation

●Flash Removal

●Improved Length Control through Dynamic Profile Modulation

●Manufacturing Cell Integration (including Material Handling, Automatic Loading and Unloading, Robot Integration, Flash Removal, Bar Coding, Quality Control, Part Destruction)


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